Roxanne Holm

Attorney Roxy Holm Roxanne “Roxy” is a Portland native who has been a legal assistant for some 35 years and has worked for top litigators in Oregon, including Jeffrey Foote, Bruce Brothers and now Jon Friedman.  When she decided to move back to Portland this year after living in Bend, Oregon for 18 years, it was with delight that she secured a position with Jon Friedman.

I absolutely love being able to help our clients during their struggles to deal with their medical bills and will take on the heavy lifting when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and medical providers.  I want to help make your client experience a pleasant one because I know how difficult a personal injury claim can be for our clients.  I am here to answer questions and speak with you regarding your concerns or if you wish to discuss anything with regard to your claim.

In my free time, you can find me hiking, kayaking, camping, and spending time outdoors in this beautiful corner of the country we call home.