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Jeannie H.

A friend referred me to see Jon Friedman at a very low point in my life. Three months earlier I’d been hit in two auto accidents within 20 days. I thought, initially, that the pain I was experiencing afterward was a matter of muscle sprains and that if I saw a chiropractor, the pain would go away within a month or two; but it wasn’t – and it didn’t! Then, since I couldn’t afford to continue seeking medical care, I stopped setting appointments, thinking I’d just have to learn to live with it. But, the pain continued to escalate, and I discovered I couldn’t “live with it.” In fact, at this point I was a physical and emotional wreck – incapable of dealing with everyday life, much less with the insurance companies, doctors and legal issues looming over me. That’s when my friend said, “You have to call Jon Friedman! He’ll advise you realistically; he’s ‘The Best.’ ” Thankfully, I did call Jon — and found out for myself that my friend was right on both counts! Now, after all is said and done, I have my life back again! Jon’s honesty & straightforward counsel was a great relief, as was his compassion, and his ability to communicate past my anxiety and pain. His knowledge, expertise, and persistence allowed me to focus on getting help for the serious injuries I’d sustained in the two car accidents, and ultimately procured settlements above and beyond the limited insurance coverage in both cases. THANK YOU, JON FRIEDMAN!

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