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Jena L.

When I first contacted Jon Friedman, he was very patient and listened to every word I told him about my fall and injuries. He asked questions and seemed genuinely concerned about me and asked if I had been seen for my injuries. I had been seen initially, however, I didn’t have insurance to continue treatment, so Jon helped in guiding me in the process of aquiring coverage, then asked me to please keep him informed.

Over the next several months, calls and emails were made back and forth. I was calling Jon because I didn’t know what to expect next or dealing with the other side’s insurance agent. I felt very lost and alone. Jon would call or email me every week or two to ask how things were going and help guide me through whatever was happening in the process at that time. His contact was very comforting and I felt he was always right there with me all along the way.

The most amazing thing about Jon throughout these months, is that he never even mentioned payment…ever.

It was eventually made “formal”, that Jon became my Attorney, but only because I told him I didn’t feel it was fair that I was receiving all his help and taking up his time, yet he wasn’t being paid. I know Jon would have continued to assist me and never asked for anything. I know this now, a year later, because I’ve come to know what kind of a person he is. Jon is very professional, yet extremely comfortable to speak with, no matter the subject. He is very attentive, compassionate, personable, completely honest, and I am greatful to have found him, by chance. I live in Central Oregon, 3-4 hrs away. Portland’s list of attorneys is huge. So yes, I feel very fortunate to have found Jon.

My case is not over, but has been a difficult road. If not for Jon, I couldn’t have made it through much of it alone. He has been my Guardian Angel from the beginning and has had my back ever since. I can never thank Jon enough for all that he has done for me, but I hope he knows.

I can say, in all honesty, that I would fully recommend Jon Friedman to the highest degree. If I ever find myself in need of help in the future, Jon is the only person I would call, even if it didn’t have to do with an injury. I would trust Jon to refer me to someone who could help me. I hope my words somehow help others to make the call too. Best wishes to all!!

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