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Liz K.

Jon is great! He has helped my family through some tough times. He is a tireless advocate and won’t give up until he can find a solution. Jon communicates every step of the way through the legal process and always involved us in all the major decisions. He helped us navigate the confusing legal world. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal counsel.

Katie B.

Jon is amazing. So much so that I have hired him TWICE. Being in an accident SUCKS. The insurance company– even your own company– is out for them, and them only. You need someone to fight for you. That’s Jon. He doesn’t just sit back and collect… he WORKS for you. Fights for you. And is so proactive.

He hires great people and knows what you need. He’s compassionate, and really cares about you as a person.

I would without a doubt recommend Jon. If you have been in an accident and are reading this and wondering if you should hire him, I promise you: You will NOT be sorry you called him. The only thing you will be sorry about is that you didn’t call him sooner.


Jon Friedman is very good at what he does. Jon was very patient, professional, and responsive when he helped me with a recent MVA. Jon explained the process well and made sure I always involved and informed.

I highly recommend Jon Friedman and would used him again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Jon!

Dorothy M.

Jon was caring, knowledgable, and worked hard to represent me with my injury claim. Would certainly recommend him to others. I now have peace of mind and can go on with my life.


Darlene W.

Jon was the best support I could have had through two long years. Sometimes I’d just want to give up. He’d stop, explain what I had to do and why; the process wouldn’t look so daunting. I’ve been around personal injury cases for decades. I’ve never seen a lawyer who is better at helping people through the parts of the process that are hard for them. He’s good. He’s honest. He’s trustworthy. He’s thorough. He’s versatile. And in my case, he went out of his way to research some really obscure data that I expect to have longer range impact, even, than the settlement itself. You need to be in good hands for this process;
there are no better ones.


Over 25 years ago my husband was in an accident. Jon won him an outstanding settlement. Fast forward. I am in an accident. We didn’t know who to call until we remembered Jon. I called him and once again he came through. We just settled my claim last week and it was everything that we had asked for. I would HIGHLY recommend Jon. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is an absolute delight to exchange emails with. He is truly an outstanding man and attorney. Thanks Jon –Lorrie.

Maya K.

I didn’t realize I needed the services of an attorney until it was almost too late to make a claim. Jon made sure everything was completed quickly and smoothly and his compassion really made it less stressful for me. He was very clear in guiding me through the insurance and legal processes and thanks to Jon, I have a settlement to cover the expensive medical bills resulting from my car accident.

Michele J.

I would recommend Jon Friedman to anyone! He exceeded all of my expectations and helped me obtain a generous settlement. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that required 2 surgeries on my neck. Jon helped me every step of the way. I would have been lost without his expertise. Jon treated me as a individual and not “just a claim”. I felt that he truly cared about me and was doing his best to see that I received quality advice and help at all times. He was straightforward and honest with me and never sugar coated anything. He handled the insurance company and their affiliates with professionalism and made everything easy! Because of Jon’s knowledge and experience in this field I received enough money to pay all my medical bills, future medical bills and some for pain and suffering. It doesn’t get any better than Jon Friedman, He’s the BEST you are going to find!

Jan N.

Mr. Friedman cuts to the chase and lets you know up front exactly what is going on and if you have a valid issue. He is dependable, follows through with his promises, calls in assistance when needed, and is forthright and fair in conclusion. I give him 5 stars because he earned 5 stars. I highly recommend Jon. Thank you.

Asia V.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you to the fullest… I will admit that John Friedman is the lawyer you are looking for! Yes there are a lot of lawyers out there, but will they bend over backwards for you? Jon will! He translate and put things in writing to where “YOU” can understand it. The insurance co. always seem to make things confusing and very hard to understand. The insurance co. has a great attorney representing them, and so should you! Jon is very down to earth and he always seem to sees the brighter and bigger side to things. He is up front and does not sugar coat anything. Jon Friedman represented me in my automobile accident and I got compensated more than expected. Thank you Jon from the bottom of my heart!! I will highly recommend you to anyone!! You are the BEST!!! ~Pep P.