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The Josephs

Jon was so wonderful to work with. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns in a way that I was able to understand. Jon is a straight shooter and definitely someone you’d want in your corner to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Jon is very compassionate, caring and very good at what he does. Jon thank you so much for all of your help and guidance over the past 2+ years. I don’t know where we would have ended up without all of your help. We wish you and your family the best. I will definitely recommend your services if need be to others. With much respect,


If there was a single highlight to being in a car accident, it was being able to work with Jon Friedman. Jon was referred to me by friend of mine after I was involved in a fairly bad car accident. Jon went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable, taken care of, and got everything I deserved. I owe Jon greatly for everything he has done for me. I would recommend Jon Friedman to anybody, especially my friends, family, and anybody else that is close to me.


After my car accident in May 2009; I was referred to Jon Friedman Attorney; I am very thankful for that referral. Jon worked on my case everyday for many, many months. It was not easy at times & I had many, many questions for him during my case. Each time I asked a question, he had an answer; if not right away, asap; and he answered it in layman’s words so that I could understand all he was explaining to me. I am hoping not to, but if I ever have another accident, I WILL CALL JON – RIGHT AWAY!! I have been told that out of bad situations come good situations. Jon Friedman the man is caring, friendly, determined and extremely honest and he will work just as hard for you. Thank You Jon, Peace to you.

A. Connett

Attorney Jon Friedman has all the experience and dedication any person would want in a lawyer. I appreciate his drive and determination. He is focused, and motivated to help.


Jon – I should have contacted you from the start. After the accident I thought everything would go smoothly and I could handle it on my own. My mistake. I am fortunate that I got in touch with you. Once you had the info you took the ball and ran with it. You had many suggestions that I had not even thought about. You and your office did right by me. Thank you again!

Rhonda D.

Jon, I found your place page when I google’d for your phone number. As I plan to tell you on the phone when I call: I can’t thank you enough for helping me after my car accident. I am in such a good place now thanks to your help and patient guidance! I was amazed at all of the details that your office so meticulously took care of, all of the work and headaches you saved me. If I hadn’t taken Lance’s advice to call you I would still be struggling with medical bills and wouldn’t have even known what my rights were. I’m not usually one to ask for help with anything, and words can’t express how thankful I am that I did this time. A hundred thousand thank yous!!!


Jon is passionate about helping his clients AND a pleasure to work with.

Dale J.


My name is Dale J.

Finding an attorney is never easy or fun, especially if you need one due to a traffic accident. I was in severe pain, not working and starting to build a huge mountain of doctor bills. That’s when a friend of mine said, Go See Jon Friedman !!! He Will Help You !!!

During my first meeting with Jon, I was skeptical and nervous at first, then, after listening to him explain how he would handle my case, I realized that I had come to the right attorney for the job. Period.

Jon educated me in depth on how my case would be handled and how he would eventually be paid. He also explained to me that we would have to work together throughout the entire process to get my case settled. He had some easy work for me to do for him as well which included:
Keeping a calendar of doctor appointments, notes of what the doctors told me, and sending all medical receipts and bills to him monthly.

He assured me that if I ever had any questions to call, email, or make an appointment to see him and he would answer them as soon as possible. I had many questions throughout my case, and I did email, call, and go to see him. He never let me down.

I was extremely surprised after sending an email to him late one Saturday night (expecting that he would read it on Monday morning when he returned to his office) and his reply came by email at 11pm that same night! And, yes, all of my questions were answered.

My case has taken just under 2 years to settle. There were many ups and downs in that time period.

Working with Jon and his office manager Nancy has been a great experience that I will never forget.

Not all accident cases take as long as mine. Some may take longer. It is not always smooth sailing and quite often rough at best. However, I was working with Jon Friedman and he made the entire journey much easier.

If you are looking for an accident attorney, the best person to have on your side is Jon Friedman.

He will be my first call if I am ever in this situation again.