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Bus Accident Lawyer in Portland, Oregon

At the Law Offices of Jon Friedman in Portland, Oregon, we understand that bus transit is a lifeline for many. Every weekday, according to their latest passenger count statistics, our area residents take nearly 317,000 trips on TriMet buses for work, school, shopping, services, and recreation.

Our city buses are generally economical and reliable resources for passengers from all walks of life who count on mass transit to travel safely to their destinations, whether they use the bus every day, once a week, or for easy access to special events without massive parking fees.

Unfortunately, as Portland bus accident lawyers, we have handled many cases where mass transit has left our residents injured, out of work, and with more questions than answers regarding who can be held liable for their damages.

With more than three decades of personal injury experience, we try to recover compensation for our bus collision clients and are available to review your claim for a free consultation.

Bus Accidents Attorney Portland

What Types of Vehicles Qualify as Buses?

Buses are defined as motorized vehicle that can carry more than ten passengers, according to The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

That can include:

  • Greyhound buses
  • City buses
  • Tour buses and coaches
  • Minibusses
  • School buses
  • Buses contracted for high school/college sports and/or other events
  • Other vans or buses used for workers, clubs, and church groups

Depending on the nature of the accident, personal injuries can occur to passengers and non-passengers alike, including other motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists who are traveling alongside these large transit vehicles.

Determining the cause of the crash, and who is at fault, will require the help of an experienced Portland bus accident attorney, so you are not left paying for your medical expenses and lost wages out of pocket.

What are the Most Common Causes of Bus Crashes in Portland, Oregon?

Most bus crashes are caused by the careless or negligent behavior of either the bus driver or another vehicle’s driver.

That can include:

  • Stopping in bus lanes
  • Suddenly changing driving lanes
  • Swerving into traffic
  • Colliding with pedestrians or bicyclists
  • Traveling at high speeds
  • Operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving distracted by cellphones, GPS devices, or other electronics
  • Fatigued driving
  • Inexperienced or poorly trained bus drivers

Driver error whether that of the bus driver or another’s vehicle’s operator may be the most common cause of traffic collisions in Portland, but they are not the only reason these large vehicles are involved in crashes that cause injuries. The truth is, bus collisions can be complex, and require extensive investigative research to isolate the cause and the responsible parties.

At the Law Offices of Jon Friedman, our Portland Personal Injury Attorneys Also Focus on the Following Practice Areas:

Portland Bus Accident Lawsuits May Involve More than One Liable Party

With different variations of buses operating on our city streets and interstates, assessing the at-fault party may be harder than citing the bus driver for speeding. Many parties may be responsible for the collision, based on their involvement with the bus operator.

They can include, but are not limited to the bus:

  • Owner
  • Operating or management company
  • Bus or parts manufacturer
  • Maintenance crews

Bus accident lawsuits can be complicated and require consulting with Portland bus accident attorneys who have experience in overseeing multi-party claims and can pinpoint the origin of the collision — including something seemingly as simple as the bus administrators failing to conduct the necessary background checks on their drivers.

At the Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we have the resources to examine your bus crash injuries, so you can focus on healing while we pursue the liable party or combination of parties for the best outcome for your unique claim.

Partnering with the Right Portland Bus Accident Lawyer

Bus accidents can result in serious injuries and extensive damages that must be fully calculated by an experienced attorney to ensure no detail is left to chance during your evaluation.

That may include pursuing compensation for your:

  • Immediate and future medical costs
  • Lost wages or other forms of income due to time off work
  • Loss of future income as a result of diminished ability, physical or mental impairment
  • Punitive damages, if the accident is proven to be the result of careless or negligent driving
  • Lifetime care and support in the event of a very serious injury such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage

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