Bicycle Accident Lawyer Portland

Bicycle Accident Lawyer Portland

Bicycle accidents can be life-threatening because of the lack of protection provided by the bicycle. Anyone who uses a bicycle regularly knows just how exposed they are and how easy it is to get injured while riding one.At The Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we are dedicated to ensuring that a bicycle accident victim gets the very best chance of recovering what they deserve for their injuries.

Studies into bicycling accidents reveal that a minority of accidents are caused by the bicyclists themselves, the majority are caused at least, in part, by careless driving by another road user, usually an inability to adapt their driving behavior to take into account their proximity to a vulnerable bicyclist.

Surveys in some states have shown that the greatest number of bicycling accidents occur at intersections, when a motorist fails to adhere to the right of way for a cyclist. This is most common at night when a cyclist, despite carrying lights, is less easily seen. Other accidents happen when a motorist leaves little room between them and the cyclist or makes a sudden and unexpected left turn in front of a bicyclist. Bicyclists can even be hurt when colliding with a car door that is suddenly opened in front of them on a city street.

Inability to Share Common Road Space can Cause Bicycle Accidents

While the attitude of society, in general, has improved over the last two decades towards bicyclists, there are still a minority of motorists that don’t consider the rights of a cyclist when on the road. The danger of an encounter between any person who has this attitude and a cyclist who is rightfully riding along a road is apparent, as motorists with this sort of attitude are likely to try to force the cyclist off the road by driving too close or too fast.

Defective Design a Cause of Some Bicycle Accidents in Portland

A minority of Portland bicycle accidents are also caused by defective bicycle design. Normally these would be most apparent in a relatively new bicycle and, while the damage to the bicycle in an accident should be covered by the warranty, damage to the bicyclist can be recovered by filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the bicycle.

Any cyclist who has suffered injuries due to the behavior of another motor vehicle can file a lawsuit to cover damages to the bicycle itself, as well as medical expenses and loss of income. Psychological and emotional suffering is normally included as part of overall damages in any liability claim.

One-Fourth of Americans Ride a Bicycle at Some Time or Another

Federal statistics indicate that over a quarter of Americans ride a bicycle at some time or another, and despite bicycle journeys only accounting for one percent of all journeys by a vehicle, bicycle accidents amount to two percent of all highway related traffic accidents.

With fuel prices likely to keep rising in the future it seems inevitable that the use of bicycles for economic reasons rather than purely for pleasure is also likely to rise. This means that there is also a potential for a rise in Portland bicycle accidents and injuries.

Cyclists are Particularly Vulnerable to Injuries in Portland

Any cyclist, no matter how experienced they may be, is particularly vulnerable to collisions involving other vehicles. Bicycle accidents can happen when:

  • Poor maintenance of roads and pathways
  • Motor vehicle drivers pass too close to a cyclist
  • Other drivers are under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Dogs or other animals attack the cyclist
  • Inclement weather such as icy roads, hail, snow, rain, fog or wind
  • Injuries may include cuts and bruises, broken limbs, concussion, spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries or death.

Who is to Blame?

In most bicycle accidents somebody else is to blame for the accident, which makes them liable for paying compensation for the injuries sustained by the cyclist.

Main areas of personal injury Our Law Offices of Jon Friedman focus on include:

Finding a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Portland

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, whether you have been hit by a negligent automobile driver or been attacked by somebody’s dog, you should contact The Law Offices of Jonathan Friedman.

You should contact our Portland bicycle accident attorney soon after your accident to give yourself the best chance at winning your case. We can contact witnesses while the details of the incident are still clear in their minds. We want to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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