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Most people do not know how to protect their rights and get fair compensation for their auto accident, truck accident, wrongful death or malpractice claim. As an experienced Portland, Oregon Personal Injury Lawyer, I help folks through their claim and the legal system, personally ensuring that we get the best result as quickly as possible.

~ Jon Friedman, Attorney at Law

The Law Offices of Jon Friedman in Portland opened in September 1984. Since then, our Portland personal injury attorney has represented thousands of people in obtaining fair resolutions of their personal injury claims against wrongdoers and insurance companies in Portland.

Focused on Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death Lawsuits, and Professional Malpractice, we pride ourselves on helping people who have been victimized by an auto accident or incident in getting a fast and fair result. Most people have never had to bring a personal injury claim and can be easily misled by an insurance company. Our Portland personal injury law firm’s comfortable family environment makes the legal process simpler and less stressful.

Fast And Personal Attention For Each Portland Personal Injury Case

At The Law Offices of Jon Friedman, our Portland personal injury lawyer’s goal with each injury case is to provide fast and personal attention to assist you from the first meeting through the end of your personal injury claim. We ensure that you understand where you stand from the start of the personal injury case, and keep you informed throughout the processing of the personal injury claim.

Not many people have had to deal with a personal injury case. This makes them an easy target for the experienced insurance companies, their adjusters, and their Portland personal injury attorneys, who are trained to finesse details to avoid liability. Since 1984, we have helped thousands of personal injury victims obtain a fast and fair settlement against wrongdoers and insurance companies in Portland. We help make the legal process seem less intimidating and more understandable. Throughout the entire Portland personal injury case, you will know exactly where you stand so you can keep your focus on recovering.

Portland Personal Injury Attorney, Jonathan Friedman

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Portland Personal Injury Attorney, Jon Friedman, is dedicated to helping accident victims receive fast and fair resolution. Call 503-242-1440 or visit our site for more information on compensation.

What is a Personal Injury?

“Personal injury” law covers a broad spectrum of cases. This could include an injury caused by a car or truck accident, a physician or a lawyer’s negligence or an injury due to unsafe property conditions (known as premises liability case-which are called slip and fall cases by the insurance companies in an attempt to put the blame on the victim). In any viable personal injury case, the victim must prove liability. The main areas of personal injury law we focus on include:

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Do You Have a Personal Injury/Car Accident Case in Portland?

The first thing you need to know is whether or not you have a personal injury/car accident case. To determine this, you will need to establish three things:

Negligence – You will have to prove that the person responsible for your injury was negligent. Negligence is defined as someone doing something no reasonable person would do or failing to do what a reasonable person would do. This may mean that the other party acted negligently, carelessly, or recklessly so as to cause a jury to conclude that it was the other party’s fault.

Causation – You must prove that this negligence directly caused your injury. You are only entitled to damages if you can prove negligence and causation. Causation includes any new injury caused by the event or aggravation of a pre-existing condition. Both are compensable under Oregon law.

Damages – Oregon “economic damages” consist of past, present, and future medical bills and wage loss. “Non-economic” damages refer to past, present, and future pain and suffering as well as interference with your ability to lead your normal day to day life including but not limited to the loss of abilities that you had prior to the accident. This could include the inability to participate in your favorite sports, failing to work at the same pace you did before the incident with regard to your everyday activities, or even bending over to pick up the newspaper. The bottom line meaning of non-economic damages is that you are legally entitled to recover for every way an incident adversely impacts your life.

When a Portland personal injury case is started, we instruct the insurance companies to direct any dialogue to us. In the appropriate case, our Portland personal injury law firm will hire a private investigator to help put the facts together so our Portland personal injury lawyer can get a complete understanding of your case. The facts we are able to develop through our investigation could result in a quick and fair settlement of your claim without the need of filing a lawsuit.

Helping You Recover From Your Personal Injury in Portland

At The Law Office of Jon Friedman in Portland, we offer free legal advice and initial consultations to discuss the details of your personal injury claim. We offer personal attention to each case. Our Portland personal injury attorney has the experience to get you a fast and fair settlement. We have built a solid reputation in the state of Oregon helping thousands of clients obtain fair resolutions for their personal injury claims.

If you or a loved one have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact our Portland Personal injury attorney for a free, no-obligation meeting over the phone or in-person at our Portland office.

Our Portland personal injury lawyer is readily available by phone or email should any questions or concerns arise during the course of your case. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive free legal advice.

It is surprising how many people fail to understand that they have a legal right to make a personal injury claim against the person or persons who have caused them some sort of harm, whether this is in an automobile accident or due to wrongful diagnosis in a hospital.

Contact Portland Personal Injury Attorney ASAP

Not contacting a Portland experienced personal injury attorney as soon as you can allow the responsible party and their insurance carrier to take advantage of you so that they can resolve the case for less than full and fair compensation to you.

If you have had an auto accident of any type or have experienced professional malpractice or negligence which has affected you adversely in any way you should contact the Law Office of Jon Friedman in Portland to arrange a free and frank initial discussion of your situation.

If you or a loved one is in need of a skilled and experienced Portland personal injury/car accident attorney, please contact the Law Offices of Jon Friedman now at 503-242-1440 for your free, confidential assessment.

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