Jon Friedman Staff
Personal. Compassionate. Honest.


Jon Friedman has been a lawyer assisting people who have been injured by bad drivers, doctors and lawyers in state and federal courts since 1984.  He prides himself on providing fast and personal attention to resolve cases in a fast, fair and complete way.Jon Friedman grew up near Chicago.  He graduated from public high school in 1976, and then went to Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, graduating in 1980 with a bachelor of arts majoring in economics.  Jon Friedman spent 1980-81 cleaning the undersides of airplanes while becoming a commercial rated pilot and a certified flight instructor, instrument and airplane.  He continues to enjoy teaching and flying in instrument conditions, basically in the clouds or fog, using only the instruments in the airplane to maintain safe flight.  In 1981, Jon decided he didn’t want to seek a job with an airline.Jon Friedman enrolled in the Northwestern School of Law of Lewis and Clark College in the fall of 1981 and graduated in 1984.  He spent several years working for the law school’s legal clinic where he primarily assisted low-income people needing help with consumer problems.

Jon Friedman went in to private practice upon his admission to the Bar in September, 1984.  Since then, he has represented thousands of people in getting a fair resolution of their claim against wrongdoers and insurance companies.  Jon Friedman prides himself on helping people who have been victimized by an accident or incident in getting a fast and fair result. Most people have never had to bring a claim and can be easily victimized by an insurance company. Jon Friedman provides fast and personal attention to assist you from the first meeting through the end of your claim.  He insures that you understand where you stand from the start of the case, and keeps you informed throughout the processing of the claim.  He is readily available by phone or email should any questions or concerns arise during the course of your personal injury case.

Jon has been married to Michele Friedman for over 30 years and they have two beautiful adult children in their late 20’s.  They live in Portland.