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Jon and his staff were incredibly professional, respectful and fought hard for me and my case. Not only did they help me navigate this incredibly complicated process but I felt that Jon and the people he works with legitimately took my wellbeing seriously and made sure I understood and was on board at every juncture. Regardless of the roadblocks that were thrown in the way, Jon advocated for me with integrity, compassion and competence. I would highly recommend Jon to any one of my friends or colleagues who is in need of legal assistance as I found him to be trustworthy, respectful and skilled at what he does. Thank you to Jon and his staff for their hard work!

- Mike V.

Mr. Friedman is an excellent attorney and his guidance and responsiveness was not only helpful but above and beyond the service I expected. Jon and his team are outstanding and highly recommend.

- Aaron L.

When I first contacted Jon Friedman, he was very patient and listened to every word I told him about my fall and injuries. He asked questions and seemed genuinely concerned about me and asked if I had been seen for my injuries. I had been seen initially, however, I didn’t have insurance to continue treatment, so Jon helped in guiding me in the process of aquiring coverage, then asked me to please keep him informed.

Over the next several months, calls and emails were made back and forth. I was calling Jon because I didn’t know what to expect next or dealing with the other side’s insurance agent. I felt very lost and alone. Jon would call or email me every week or two to ask how things were going and help guide me through whatever was happening in the process at that time. His contact was very comforting and I felt he was always right there with me all along the way.

The most amazing thing about Jon throughout these months, is that he never even mentioned payment…ever.

It was eventually made “formal”, that Jon became my Attorney, but only because I told him I didn’t feel it was fair that I was receiving all his help and taking up his time, yet he wasn’t being paid. I know Jon would have continued to assist me and never asked for anything. I know this now, a year later, because I’ve come to know what kind of a person he is. Jon is very professional, yet extremely comfortable to speak with, no matter the subject. He is very attentive, compassionate, personable, completely honest, and I am greatful to have found him, by chance. I live in Central Oregon, 3-4 hrs away. Portland’s list of attorneys is huge. So yes, I feel very fortunate to have found Jon.

My case is not over, but has been a difficult road. If not for Jon, I couldn’t have made it through much of it alone. He has been my Guardian Angel from the beginning and has had my back ever since. I can never thank Jon enough for all that he has done for me, but I hope he knows.

I can say, in all honesty, that I would fully recommend Jon Friedman to the highest degree. If I ever find myself in need of help in the future, Jon is the only person I would call, even if it didn’t have to do with an injury. I would trust Jon to refer me to someone who could help me. I hope my words somehow help others to make the call too. Best wishes to all!!

- Jena L.

A friend of mine recommended Jon, after hearing I had been in an auto accident. From our first phone call, through the consultation, all the way to the end, Jon was professional, affable and on top of everything. He urged me to advocate for myself when visiting doctors to make sure I received the proper care and frequently checked in on me. Insurance companies are notoriously hard to work with, so I was so relieved that Jon was my intermediary. He even found a discrepancy between my title and what my insurance was offering for my totaled car, leading them to give a larger payout. It was a long process, due to length of my recovery, but I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. Jon was great to work with and I highly recommend him.

- Cher M.

I was involved in a motorcycle accident back in 2019 and needed legal council to proceed towards addressing financial hardships and guidance. I looked up several lawyers online and Jon was the one who I felt had the knowledge, experience, and personality that could really help with my case. Jon was with me from the first day I called him until the last day when the case was closed. Let me just say that Jon will ask you all the details, visit you for check ups, gathers all the information and will represent you flawlessly. I cannot thank Jon enough for everything he has done for me over the time it took to close the case and I would recommend him any day of the week and twice on Sundays to anyone needing legal council. Thank you again Jon for all your hard work.

- Bradley L.

I highly recommend Jon Friedman to anyone who is looking for legal representation. After getting injured in an accident, I needed someone who would provide guidance in an unfamiliar and extremely stressful to me situation. I couldn’t have asked for a better representative and advisor than Jon. He expertly took over the unpleasant business of dealing with multiple agencies and insurance companies, giving me complete peace of mind that he would take care of everything. Jon kept me well informed and updated, while shielding me from the unnecessary minutiae of the legal process.

Jon was available 24/7, and responded to either email or phone call in a timely manner. His expertise and knowledge of the field mixed with dry sense of humor made boring legal conversations surprisingly pleasant.

If I ever need a lawyer again, I will be calling Jon.

- Natalya W.

Jon & his staff were straight-forward, speedy & reliable when helping us win our personal injury case.
Jon was willing to take the extra time needed to explain each step in the legal process, in terms we could understand.
My case revolved around my young daughter, whom Jon treated delicately & with a father’s sensitivity. I truly feel that protecting my daughter’s feelings & experiences were among Jon’s top priority throughout the case.
In the end, I believe that our generous settlement will help us close a very tough chapter in our lives.

- Erin B.

Care and Compassion may be unusual adjectives to describe an attorney, but combine that with Expertise and Advocacy, and you have Jon Friedman! Jon is an incredible lawyer who knows the ins and outs of Personal Injury cases. Jon is diligent in his advocacy of client rights and is invested in the outcome of his clients. I was in an auto accident that resulted in ongoing medical interventions with way too many medical professionals. I was impressed that Jon was able to maintain a good grasp on the many twists and turns of my case, saving me the frustration of updating yet another professional. He was always quick to respond to a question or concern, helping me to avoid potential pitfalls and additional distress, as well as making me feel like a priority. There is no way to express the respect and appreciation I have for Jon and his staff! If I am ever in need of legal services again, Jon will be my first call!

- Steph H.

Excellent lawyer, but even better person. Jon came very highly recommended, but still managed to exceed all expectations. He provided expert legal advice in connection with a motor vehicle accident I was involved in that ultimately required neck surgery. Jon is an open and honest, no-nonsense lawyer that truly cares about his clients. He was extremely responsive, always available, and thoroughly explained every part of the legal process, including what to expect. Thank you again!!

- P Hayes

Most of the times there is nothing good you could say about an accident, however, in my case there was one good thing and it was that I got to have the guidance and support of this Lawyer, Jon. I did not at any point feel alone throughout this whole 2 year process. His professionalism was impeccable at every moment. To this moment if life were to throw something such as an accident my way once again I would not hesitate going to him if needed.

- Sandra J.

Jon was a huge help in navigating the ins and outs of my car accident.
I would retain his legal services if needed in the future and recommend him.
Thanks again Jon for all the help.

- Thomas

When I was seriously injured in a pedestrian vs. automobile accident I didnt know what to do. The medical bills were going to be stacking up, which I couldn’t afford, and I did nothing wrong. I did some searching and found Jon. After meeting with him he immediately took charge of my case and everything was taken care of from then on. He told me to just “focus on getting better.” It took a while, like these things do when done properly, but he got me through the process one step at a time. He took care of getting my medical bills paid and made sure I was whole again financially. If you need someone you can trust and are willing to be patient through the process to allow Jon to do what he does best, then I can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Tony L.

Thank you Jon for helping me.

- Jeanne G.

Jon is great! He has helped my family through some tough times. He is a tireless advocate and won’t give up until he can find a solution. Jon communicates every step of the way through the legal process and always involved us in all the major decisions. He helped us navigate the confusing legal world. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for legal counsel.

- Liz K.

Jon is amazing. So much so that I have hired him TWICE. Being in an accident SUCKS. The insurance company– even your own company– is out for them, and them only. You need someone to fight for you. That’s Jon. He doesn’t just sit back and collect… he WORKS for you. Fights for you. And is so proactive.

He hires great people and knows what you need. He’s compassionate, and really cares about you as a person.

I would without a doubt recommend Jon. If you have been in an accident and are reading this and wondering if you should hire him, I promise you: You will NOT be sorry you called him. The only thing you will be sorry about is that you didn’t call him sooner.

- Katie B.

Jon Friedman is very good at what he does. Jon was very patient, professional, and responsive when he helped me with a recent MVA. Jon explained the process well and made sure I always involved and informed.

I highly recommend Jon Friedman and would used him again in a heartbeat.

Thank you Jon!

- Anonymous

Jon was caring, knowledgable, and worked hard to represent me with my injury claim. Would certainly recommend him to others. I now have peace of mind and can go on with my life.


- Dorothy M.

Jon was the best support I could have had through two long years. Sometimes I’d just want to give up. He’d stop, explain what I had to do and why; the process wouldn’t look so daunting. I’ve been around personal injury cases for decades. I’ve never seen a lawyer who is better at helping people through the parts of the process that are hard for them. He’s good. He’s honest. He’s trustworthy. He’s thorough. He’s versatile. And in my case, he went out of his way to research some really obscure data that I expect to have longer range impact, even, than the settlement itself. You need to be in good hands for this process;
there are no better ones.

- Darlene W.

Over 25 years ago my husband was in an accident. Jon won him an outstanding settlement. Fast forward. I am in an accident. We didn’t know who to call until we remembered Jon. I called him and once again he came through. We just settled my claim last week and it was everything that we had asked for. I would HIGHLY recommend Jon. Plus he has a great sense of humor and is an absolute delight to exchange emails with. He is truly an outstanding man and attorney. Thanks Jon –Lorrie.

- Lorrie

I didn’t realize I needed the services of an attorney until it was almost too late to make a claim. Jon made sure everything was completed quickly and smoothly and his compassion really made it less stressful for me. He was very clear in guiding me through the insurance and legal processes and thanks to Jon, I have a settlement to cover the expensive medical bills resulting from my car accident.

- Maya K.

I would recommend Jon Friedman to anyone! He exceeded all of my expectations and helped me obtain a generous settlement. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident that required 2 surgeries on my neck. Jon helped me every step of the way. I would have been lost without his expertise. Jon treated me as a individual and not “just a claim”. I felt that he truly cared about me and was doing his best to see that I received quality advice and help at all times. He was straightforward and honest with me and never sugar coated anything. He handled the insurance company and their affiliates with professionalism and made everything easy! Because of Jon’s knowledge and experience in this field I received enough money to pay all my medical bills, future medical bills and some for pain and suffering. It doesn’t get any better than Jon Friedman, He’s the BEST you are going to find!

- Michele J.

Mr. Friedman cuts to the chase and lets you know up front exactly what is going on and if you have a valid issue. He is dependable, follows through with his promises, calls in assistance when needed, and is forthright and fair in conclusion. I give him 5 stars because he earned 5 stars. I highly recommend Jon. Thank you.

- Jan N.

If you are looking for an attorney to represent you to the fullest… I will admit that John Friedman is the lawyer you are looking for! Yes there are a lot of lawyers out there, but will they bend over backwards for you? Jon will! He translate and put things in writing to where “YOU” can understand it. The insurance co. always seem to make things confusing and very hard to understand. The insurance co. has a great attorney representing them, and so should you! Jon is very down to earth and he always seem to sees the brighter and bigger side to things. He is up front and does not sugar coat anything. Jon Friedman represented me in my automobile accident and I got compensated more than expected. Thank you Jon from the bottom of my heart!! I will highly recommend you to anyone!! You are the BEST!!! ~Pep P.

- Asia V.

My family will forever be grateful to John for his kind and persevering help for me after my injury. It is very lonely and scary to recover and rebuild your life after a major injury. Having John as my advocate gave me hope and allowed me to focus on getting healthy once again. I was impressed at John’s abilities to maneuver through this complicated process and I was very glad he was the one in my corner. He is a perfect blend of compassion and fierceness when defending. He was readily available and every detail was taken care of to the very end. Thank you John, I would recommend you to anyone.

- Patty M.

I have known Jon Friedman for twenty years and never thought the occasion would happen where I would need his services…but as life goes I was involved in a serious accident and thought that I could handle the insurance company claims adjustor and all the pressure from the physical healing, work, and negotiations. I was in way over my head and needed someone to step in and guide me through the process of getting the right medical treatment and to defend my rights in settling with the insurance company. Jon, from the first day stepped in and settled everything down, got me on the right course for medical treatment, took over the negotiations with the insurance company and together we worked for a very favorable conclusion to my tw and a half year accident adventure. The legal services, counsel, experience, genuine concern for my well being and professionalism Jon provided was simply put…..top notch! I would recommend Jon Friedman to anyone in need of a truly fine personal injury lawyer…I can’t say enough good things about him and what he did for me when I needed help with my personal injury situation! A person in a tough medical, legal situation shouldn’t stand alone and with Jon’s 28 years of experience I knew I had a wealth of knowledge working for me and that made me feel at ease from the beginning to the end. Thank You Jon for a job well done!

- Brian B.

If there was a single highlight to being in a car accident, it was being able to work with Jon Friedman. Jon was referred to me by friend of mine after I was involved in a fairly bad car accident. Jon went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable, taken care of, and got everything I deserved. I owe Jon greatly for everything he has done for me. I would recommend Jon Friedman to anybody, especially my friends, family, and anybody else that is close to me.

- Geoff S.

I didn’t want to hire a personal injury attorney but the car insurance company was giving me the run around and didn’t even want to pay my medical bills. So I called around and found this place he has been honest, upfront with the whole process and I would recommend him to anyone who has been injured in the Portland Oregon area.

- James J.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. No words my thanks. I appreciate everything you have done. Thank you for caring about me as one of your clients. That’s special and hard to find.

You are one of a kind. Also, thank you for being straight forward and honest with me. You treated me like I’m a someone, and not a dollar sign and there is no way I could have got the result you got for me. I will keep in touch. Many thanks.


- Leeann B.

Dear Jon Friedman

I want to thank you so much for obtaining a VERY satisfactory settlement in my accident injury case. I felt I was well represented by you! Your constant communication made me feel that I was your first priority, though I realize you had a large case load with other clients.

As a manager in a large organization I understand the importance in finding the best and brightest, always surrounding yourself with such talents. You and your staff provided me the professional guidance from start to finish. You knew exactly what to do and gave me the informational timelines of what was to occur next.

I was impressed with your knowledge from our very first conversation and I had already spoken with several other attorneys. None of them were as open and candid as you were, but mostly you showed me the confidence that I was seeking in a lawyer and at that point I realized my case would have a favorable result.

I have never been in this type of situation before and was unaware that such a large settlement would even be possible. It was to my surprise that this didn’t turn into a battle in the court room or arbitration! My fears were abated by your knowledge and diligence on my behalf. Every time I called or emailed you regardless whether it was on the weekend, you or your staff always responded. Your efforts turned into what I thought would be an unpleasant situation into a positive conclusion. For this I truly thank you.

Now that this is all behind us and the legal process is done, there is a feeling of relief that you and staff made possible for me. The road to physical recovery will still continue, but I will not have any concerns over doctor bills that are unpaid. It was your expertise that made the difference in my case and your true concern for my well being that put me at ease. It would be my pleasure to recommend you to anyone needing legal assistance.

With sincere gratitude,

- Michael

A friend referred me to see Jon Friedman at a very low point in my life. Three months earlier I’d been hit in two auto accidents within 20 days. I thought, initially, that the pain I was experiencing afterward was a matter of muscle sprains and that if I saw a chiropractor, the pain would go away within a month or two; but it wasn’t – and it didn’t! Then, since I couldn’t afford to continue seeking medical care, I stopped setting appointments, thinking I’d just have to learn to live with it. But, the pain continued to escalate, and I discovered I couldn’t “live with it.” In fact, at this point I was a physical and emotional wreck – incapable of dealing with everyday life, much less with the insurance companies, doctors and legal issues looming over me. That’s when my friend said, “You have to call Jon Friedman! He’ll advise you realistically; he’s ‘The Best.’ ” Thankfully, I did call Jon — and found out for myself that my friend was right on both counts! Now, after all is said and done, I have my life back again! Jon’s honesty & straightforward counsel was a great relief, as was his compassion, and his ability to communicate past my anxiety and pain. His knowledge, expertise, and persistence allowed me to focus on getting help for the serious injuries I’d sustained in the two car accidents, and ultimately procured settlements above and beyond the limited insurance coverage in both cases. THANK YOU, JON FRIEDMAN!

- Jeannie H.

Jon Friedman helped me to an extent I could never have expected.I was hurt in a car accident. My initial attorney came well recommended but was frequently unavailable and was not communicating with me about very important issues. It was very stressful and I felt that I was on my own.That changed when I found and consulted with Jon Friedman. Jon’s 30 years as an personal injury attorney was immediately apparent. His knowledge and answers to my questions put me at ease and I asked him to take my case on the spot.Communication was never a problem. Instead of being under stress, Jon made it so I could concentrate on healing and getting my life back. The final outcome was far beyond my expectations. I cannot recommend Jon Friedman enough.

- Michael T.

In 2010, while waiting at a signal light, our car was ‘rear-ended’, resulting in its total loss. We sustained severe injuries to multiple body areas, including the need for a hip replacement. We were referred to Jon Friedman, attorney, to guide us through the complicated process of MVA litigation. From our initial meeting we realized Mr. Friedman was a patient listener who took time to learn and understand our situation. We found him to be highly experienced and trustworthy in giving excellent professional advice during the two years it took to settle our case. Moreover, his courteous staff was of great help with document processing and providing periodic progress reports. We are pleased with his firm’s performance and glad we chose him as our attorney.

- Dorothy and Hap S.

I was involved in an auto accident on Jan,6,2013. I found Jon Friedman online or maybe by fate. I personally had no car insurance but the person that wrecked my truck did. I did not know that their insurance would cover me. I had extensive medical bills but my personal health care provider also did not cover auto accidents. Jon stepped in and saved my life. He talked to my personal health provider and they covered the majority of my medical bills. Then he talked to the hospital about the remaining balance. He got me enough money to get my life back on the track. All I truly can say is trust Jon. He did me well and I have already recommended him to my friend that just got into an auto accident. Out of any lawyer I have ever met, Jon is a straight shooter that truly loves helping people and not just out there collecting a pay check. If ever need be I will call Jon Friedman and no one else.

- Carl B.

Jon was so wonderful to work with. He was always available to answer my questions and concerns in a way that I was able to understand. Jon is a straight shooter and definitely someone you’d want in your corner to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Jon is very compassionate, caring and very good at what he does. Jon thank you so much for all of your help and guidance over the past 2+ years. I don’t know where we would have ended up without all of your help. We wish you and your family the best. I will definitely recommend your services if need be to others. With much respect,

- The Josephs

After my car accident in May 2009; I was referred to Jon Friedman Attorney; I am very thankful for that referral. Jon worked on my case everyday for many, many months. It was not easy at times & I had many, many questions for him during my case. Each time I asked a question, he had an answer; if not right away, asap; and he answered it in layman’s words so that I could understand all he was explaining to me. I am hoping not to, but if I ever have another accident, I WILL CALL JON – RIGHT AWAY!! I have been told that out of bad situations come good situations. Jon Friedman the man is caring, friendly, determined and extremely honest and he will work just as hard for you. Thank You Jon, Peace to you.

- Caroline

Attorney Jon Friedman has all the experience and dedication any person would want in a lawyer. I appreciate his drive and determination. He is focused, and motivated to help.

- A. Connett

Jon – I should have contacted you from the start. After the accident I thought everything would go smoothly and I could handle it on my own. My mistake. I am fortunate that I got in touch with you. Once you had the info you took the ball and ran with it. You had many suggestions that I had not even thought about. You and your office did right by me. Thank you again!

- Anonymous

Jon, I found your place page when I google’d for your phone number. As I plan to tell you on the phone when I call: I can’t thank you enough for helping me after my car accident. I am in such a good place now thanks to your help and patient guidance! I was amazed at all of the details that your office so meticulously took care of, all of the work and headaches you saved me. If I hadn’t taken Lance’s advice to call you I would still be struggling with medical bills and wouldn’t have even known what my rights were. I’m not usually one to ask for help with anything, and words can’t express how thankful I am that I did this time. A hundred thousand thank yous!!!

- Rhonda D.

Jon is passionate about helping his clients AND a pleasure to work with.

- Anonymous


My name is Dale J.

Finding an attorney is never easy or fun, especially if you need one due to a traffic accident. I was in severe pain, not working and starting to build a huge mountain of doctor bills. That’s when a friend of mine said, Go See Jon Friedman !!! He Will Help You !!!

During my first meeting with Jon, I was skeptical and nervous at first, then, after listening to him explain how he would handle my case, I realized that I had come to the right attorney for the job. Period.

Jon educated me in depth on how my case would be handled and how he would eventually be paid. He also explained to me that we would have to work together throughout the entire process to get my case settled. He had some easy work for me to do for him as well which included:
Keeping a calendar of doctor appointments, notes of what the doctors told me, and sending all medical receipts and bills to him monthly.

He assured me that if I ever had any questions to call, email, or make an appointment to see him and he would answer them as soon as possible. I had many questions throughout my case, and I did email, call, and go to see him. He never let me down.

I was extremely surprised after sending an email to him late one Saturday night (expecting that he would read it on Monday morning when he returned to his office) and his reply came by email at 11pm that same night! And, yes, all of my questions were answered.

My case has taken just under 2 years to settle. There were many ups and downs in that time period.

Working with Jon and his office manager Nancy has been a great experience that I will never forget.

Not all accident cases take as long as mine. Some may take longer. It is not always smooth sailing and quite often rough at best. However, I was working with Jon Friedman and he made the entire journey much easier.

If you are looking for an accident attorney, the best person to have on your side is Jon Friedman.

He will be my first call if I am ever in this situation again.

- Dale J.

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