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Portland Spine Injury Attorney

Spinal Injuries – Serious Enough To Cause Life Long Dependence

Here at the Portland Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we provide legal services for the victims of accidents that were not their own fault. We have had many years of experience with serious injuries like those to the spine and operate throughout the Portland, OR, area. We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible after an accident.

Paralysis Is The Worst Possible Outcome Of a Non-Fatal Spinal Injury

A spinal injury can be very serious and can result in paralysis. This may involve a complete loss of feeling to the lower parts of the body, or the entire body below the neck if that is where the injury takes place.

A serious accident is most likely to cause such an injury. You could be involved in a vehicle accident, a construction site accident, a fall from a great height, or even by tripping and falling downstairs in your own home.

Depending on the severity of the accident, there are several areas of the spine that can be damaged. A spinal injury attorney is familiar with the severity of injuries to the spine and that many of these injuries can have long term effects on victims who have received them as a result of the negligence of another party.

Spine Injury Attorney Portland

Compression Fracture of the Spine

Soft bone makes up the spinal column so when a traumatic event takes place, the person is affected by what is called compression fracture to the spine. This is when the soft bone is compressed downwards. A far more serious spinal injury happens when the nerves threading down the spine are damaged.

Spinal Column – The Importance of the discs

Found between the different vertebrae that make up the spine are discs. These discs are similar to the inner tube of a bicycle. Situated inside the disc is a rather squashy material that behaves like a shock absorber while offering flexibility to the spine. As we age, the discs naturally lose their flexibility and become less squashy. Damage or pressure from dislodged discs is a common result of a less serious spinal injury. The pain and suffering from disc damage can still have a huge effect on the accident victim’s ability to live a normal life.

It is quite difficult to locate softer tissues by the use of X-rays as they only pick out the harder material, which includes the spinal column itself and the bones situated in the legs and arms, and other places throughout the body. To get a better image of a herniated disc or any soft tissue, a CT scan is necessary, or alternatively an MRI which is magnetic resonance imaging. In this technique, you are enclosed in the MRI machine which is able to take pictures of soft tissue.

Portland Residences. Get Medical Treatment Quickly – Even If You Feel No Pain At First

If you have been involved in an accident and you have experienced damage to your spine, you must ensure that you get the necessary medical treatment as soon as possible. Any reliable diagnosis from a doctor will make sure that you will get the correct treatment. This will be a costly affair and particularly devastating if you sustained this injury through no fault of your own. You should not shoulder the financial burden yourself but contact a spinal injury attorney who will know immediately if you are eligible to make a damages claim from the person who caused your injury.

It is not just the financial burden that you will have to bear as a result of your debilitating injuries, but the constant pain will mean your quality of life will be affected too. Any compensation claim pursued by a Portland personal injury attorney on your behalf will allow for the financial burden inflicted on you at present and into the future, as well as an amount for medical expenses like home care, if required, and loss of potential earnings.

Types of injuries & fractures, our Law Offices of Jon Friedman focus on include:

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Frequently Asked Question for Spine Injuries in Portland

What treatments are available for spinal cord injuries?

Depending on the type of spinal cord injury there are numerous treatment options. These can include physical therapy, injections, or surgery to remove bone fragments, or the use of artificial discs to replaced damaged discs and if that won’t work, a fusion.

What evidence can be used to strengthen my spine injury case?

The more evidence you have the stronger your case is. This evidence can include:

  • Medical records
  • Accident report
  • Photographs of the accident and your injury
  • Eyewitness statements
  • MRIS
  • Expert testimony

How long does it take for spine injury symptoms to show?

Often times the symptoms begin to show within a few hours or days. But other symptoms may mask your spine injury for an appreciable period of time.

How long do I have to file a spinal cord injury claim?

Typically you have two years from the date of your spinal cord injury to file the claim.

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