Planning & Preparation

Pre-Trial Motions

Pre-trial Motions are used to strip away the insurance company’s case, or limit introduction of harmful evidence, or exclude damaging witnesses from testifying against you. They serve to strengthen your case and weaken the defense’s case.

We use pre-trial motions to prevent a defense attorney from trying to enter into evidence facts which are not relevant to the case, or to stop an insurance company defense attorney from casting doubt on you or your case.

For example, a defense attorney may want to make statements about something you did in the past. This could make the jury more likely to believe that you are at fault, or the cause of, the negligent act or that you are not telling the truth about the incident or your injuries.  If your credibility is hurt, so is your case.

Successful motions require an understanding of the law and a complete command of the facts of your case.