Construction Accident Attorney Portland

Construction Accident Attorney Portland

Unfortunately, construction accidents are all too common as construction companies fail to implement the required safety measures to protect their workers. Construction sites are particularly dangerous places to work on because there are so many different potential hazards that can cause an injury.At The Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we have dealt with many construction accident cases and we have the experience you need to get you the compensation you deserve.Compensation claims for construction accidents depend on the relationship between the person who is injured and the various people or companies that may share some or all of the responsibility for the accident taking place.A person who is not a worker at the site, for instance, a passer by or visitor, can make an ordinary personal injury claim through a construction site accident attorney. Anybody who works on a site and suffers an injury due to negligence may only claim third party compensation from a company that does not directly employ them. Any other compensation that an employee is entitled to comes under workers compensation directly.

Complexities of Construction Site Accident Responsibility

Construction sites are often quite complex in terms of determining responsibility. The number of different companies that can share some responsibility for working conditions on the site can be quite large. There may be contractors and sub contractors as well as the landowner, engineers and equipment parts suppliers and manufacturers.

While workers compensation is due to anybody who can prove negligence by their employer, third party claims can be made against any other company that may be shown to be responsible for at least part of the construction site working environment that may have resulted in the accident.

This reinforces the suggestion that any construction site accident victim should seek out an accident attorney as soon as possible. This will ensure that you get the settlement you need.

Comparative Negligence in Portland

The Portland legal system allows for “comparative negligence”. This basically allows for a situation in which both a worker and one of the companies involved in the site both have some degree of responsibility for the accident. The worker is awarded compensation in proportion to the perceived blame attached to him or her. In other words, if the worker is deemed to be 50% responsible for the accident, then he or she will only receive 50% of the compensation that might have been obtained if they were totally innocent.

As with all accidents, the earlier a claim can be initiated, the more likely it will be successful. This is even more important in the case of construction site accidents because the site itself is subject to constant change. This means that evidence that might have been available to help sustain a claim two weeks ago may not be present today.

Typical construction site accident and injuries are due to:

  • Falling off scaffolding
  • A heavy object falling off a crane
  • Inexperienced heavy machinery operators
  • Electrocution
  • Exposed trenches or holes
  • Mishandling of welding equipment
  • Poor on-site supervision

Fatalities and serious injuries are common on construction sites and include:

Main areas of personal injury Our Law Offices of Jon Friedman focus on include:

Compensation for Your Construction Accident Injuries

If you have suffered an injury while on a construction site, you are entitled to seek Workers’ Compensation. This does offer a small amount of money to help to cover your losses but it will not go far enough to compensate you for all your personal suffering and financial hardship. The recovery time for various injuries can vary but in many cases an injury received on a construction site is often far worse than annoying cuts and bruises. A long recovery time will mean putting pressure on your family both financially and emotionally.

At The Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we have had years of experience calculating the financial costs of suffering for victims of construction site accidents, like yourself. If you have been injured on a construction site you should not hesitate to contact us to find out if we think you are entitled to compensation from your employer or another person who was responsible your suffering.

If you have been injured in an construction accident and need an attorney, call The Law Offices of Jon Friedman today at (503) 242-1440 for a free consultation.