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Can an Insurance Company Legally Deny My Car Accident Claim?

At the Law Offices of Jon Friedman, our auto accident attorneys in Portland, Oregon know the only thing worse than having your life turned upside down because of another person’s negligence is to have the insurance company blame you for the crash occurring.

While seeking medical care is the priority after a crash with injuries, the next step is to determine who was liable for the collision, so they can be held accountable for the damages that resulted.

Holding the liable party accountable for your physical, emotional, and financial damages means pursuing their insurance carrier for your medical expenses, lost wages, and out-of-pocket expenses.

Unfortunately, even if the driver who hit you was obviously impaired, speeding, or breaking multiple traffic laws at once, their insurance provider is not simply going to write you a check.

In fact, in some cases, the insurance provider will do everything they can to place the blame on you — the injured party — so they do not have to pay for your damages at all. Is this fair? No. Does it happen? Absolutely.

Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Legitimate Oregon Car Accident and Injury Claims?

The U.S. insurance industry collected nearly $1.3 trillion in net premiums last year, according to the Insurance Information Institute,

This figure makes it incredibly difficult to understand why they deny legitimate insurance claims. The reality is, the insurance company wants to keep as much of its revenue as possible. When injury victims attempt to take on these corporate giants alone, they are often met with significant resistance — either in the form of less-than-adequate settlement options, or outright denials.

With a skilled Portland personal injury attorney by your side, we will insist all communication is routed through our office, so our clients do not have to speak with the insurance company at all.

We will also thoroughly review the evidence that is available from your crash, just like the insurance company will, except that we will put your best interests first.

This includes:

  • Reviewing the police report and witness statements.
  • Pursuing traffic cameras and other video footage to support our case.
  • Interviewing medical experts who will outline your injuries, treatment plan, and overall recovery needs.
  • Partnering with accident reconstruction experts to outline how and why the crash occurred.
  • Assessing your overall financial losses, including lost wages, temporary or permanent disabilities, and additional damages caused by the crash.

Before speaking with the insurance company, contact our Multnomah County car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Jon Friedman at (503) 242-1440 to schedule a free consultation and get the help you need to make informed decisions about the direction of your case.

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