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Carl B.

I was involved in an auto accident on Jan,6,2013. I found Jon Friedman online or maybe by fate. I personally had no car insurance but the person that wrecked my truck did. I did not know that their insurance would cover me. I had extensive medical bills but my personal health care provider also did not cover auto accidents. Jon stepped in and saved my life. He talked to my personal health provider and they covered the majority of my medical bills. Then he talked to the hospital about the remaining balance. He got me enough money to get my life back on the track. All I truly can say is trust Jon. He did me well and I have already recommended him to my friend that just got into an auto accident. Out of any lawyer I have ever met, Jon is a straight shooter that truly loves helping people and not just out there collecting a pay check. If ever need be I will call Jon Friedman and no one else.