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Here at the Law Offices of Jon Friedman, we provide legal services for the many victims of accidents that were not their own fault. We operate throughout the Portland, OR, area and recommend that you contact us as soon as possible after an accident. It is quite surprising how easy it is to break a bone and these types of injuries are quite common in motor vehicle crashes and slip and fall accidents. Falling from a height in a workplace from a ladder or scaffolding commonly results in broken bones as well.

Portland Broken Bones Attorney

The sorts of broken bones that are common are:

  • The Vertebrae
  • The Pelvis And Hip
  • The Leg Including The Ankle And Foot
  • The Arm, Wrist Or Hand
  • The Chest And Shoulder Including The Collarbone, The Sternum And Ribs
  • Facial Bones Or The Skull
  • The Jaw Or Teeth Damage

Breaking a bone is not quite like other injuries, as assuming a good repair can be made, the broken bone has to be placed into a caste for a number of weeks so that the broken end can gradually fuse with the part that it has broken away from.

The medical team involved in the repair process needs to have pinpoint accuracy in fixing the broken bone in the right position and then sealing it with a plaster cast. Any error on the part of the person involved may mean having to redo the process by breaking the bone deliberately and then fitting it into the right place once again.

The High Costs of a Broken Bone

Medical bills soon start to accumulate after the accident.  This is when the financial burden to a victim of a broken bone becomes particularly annoying, especially if the accident that caused the broken bone was not the victim’s fault. Repeated visits are required to the hospital or medical facility until the cast is finally removed.

Some broken bones victims have to endure the procedure of surgical reconstruction, where pins, rods or plates are required to fix the breakage and even more may require physical therapy. Breaks in the bones of elders are far slower to heal, while children are more susceptible to damage to growth plates.

All these additional procedures cost money and if the victim of a broken bone sustained the breakage through no fault of their own, then they have every right to be compensated for the financial burden they have to endure as a result of the incident. All states have laws in place to ensure that those at fault for injuries pay the victim damages for what might well be a life changing event.

Effect on a Broken Bone Victim

When a person breaks a bone, particularly in a leg or arm, they might not be able to carry out normal everyday tasks both at work and at home. This means at work, for example, someone else might have to be called in to do their job while they are recovering. This is an additional burden for the employee.

Unfortunately, those at fault try to avoid any blame and additional costs to the victim. Any victim of a broken bone should ensure that he or she gets the right legal representation so that the person at fault is made accountable for his or her negligent behavior. If the person responsible is not made accountable, then the victim will have to face the financial burden for a broken bone injury on their own.

Types of injuries & fractures, our Law Offices of Jon Friedman focus on include:

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Broken Bones can be Expensive

Most broken bones victims are unable to return to work immediately and some may have to wait until their castes have been fully removed especially if their jobs require 100% mobility. This might mean a long recovery period and the inability to undertake normal daily activities so dependence on the family will be essential for survival.

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