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The person who injured you was negligent (they acted in a manner no reasonable person would have acted or failed to act in the manner a reasonable person would have). In other words, they did something for which a jury will conclude they screwed up and were at fault in having caused the accident/incident.


You must prove that the negligent act CAUSED your injuries. Only after you have proved negligence AND causation does a jury consider your damages.


Consist of past, present and future: medical bills and wage loss, which under Oregon law are called economic damages. Non-economic damages are damages for past, present and future: pain and suffering and interference with your ability to lead your normal daily life. If you are no longer able to play a sport you love, or participate in a hobby, or it’s simply harder for you to brush your hair, or look over your left shoulder when driving, all of these kinds of things go to your non-economic damages.To learn more or to get more specific answers to questions contact Portland personal injury attorney Jon Friedman at, jon@jonathanmfriedman.com or submit an inquiry on-line.

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