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At the Law Offices of Jon Friedman, our truck accident attorneys know truck drivers work long hours, have to drive significant distances, have to drive for extended periods of time in order to meet tight schedules and deadlines, and that their scheudles frequently change. All of these factors can contribute to driver fatigue.

Here, we discuss the dangers of fatigued driving and how it impacts the safety of everyone on our roads.

 Portland, Oregon

Truck Driver Fatigue Can Lead to Catastrophic Accidents Throughout Oregon

Fatigued driving is dangerous because it impairs a driver’s physical and mental abilities, leading to a higher risk of accidents. When they are behind the wheel of a truck that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, the resulting crashes can be catastrophic.

Fatigue can impact many essential factors that keep these massive trucks traveling safely on our Oregon roads and nationwide, including:

  • Impaired Reaction Time

Fatigue slows down a driver’s reaction time. When a driver is tired, their ability to quickly respond to unexpected events, sudden changes in traffic, or emergencies is significantly compromised.

  • Decreased Alertness and Vigilance

Fatigue can lead to a decreased level of alertness and vigilance. Drivers may struggle to stay focused on the road, increasing the likelihood of missing essential cues, road signs, or other vehicles.

  • Poor Decision-Making

Fatigue affects cognitive functions, including decision-making. Tired drivers may make poor judgments, like misjudging the speed of other vehicles, underestimating stopping distances, or making risky maneuvers.

  • Increased Likelihood of Errors

Fatigue is associated with an increased likelihood of errors. These errors can include drifting out of the lane, failing to signal, running stop signs, and other mistakes that can lead to accidents.

  • Inability to Sustain Attention

Fatigued drivers may struggle to sustain attention on the road. They may experience “zoning out” or daydreaming, leading to a lack of awareness of the traffic environment.

  • Impaired Memory and Concentration

Fatigue can impair memory and concentration. This may affect a driver’s ability to process and retain information, like recognizing road signs, understanding traffic signals, and recalling the actions of other drivers.

Studies have shown that driving while tired can have similar effects on cognitive and motor functions as driving under the influence of alcohol. This underscores the dangerous nature of drowsy driving, especially in semi-truck drivers tasked with operating a much larger vehicle than others on the road.

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